Vijay’s Success Story; Everything Started with a Shared Office

Vijay Reddy is a well-known architect in the city. He is taking care of many projects simultaneously and has a team of young architects and engineers assisting him in his work. His office is located in a prime location and at present, he is planning to extend the area of his business beyond the state.

As he is enjoying a successful career, he is looking back to the path he traveled to reach this position.

“I belong to an ordinary family and we were not at all rich.” Vijay started his story.

After his intermediate, he joined architecture course in a famous college within the city. He was a talented artist from his childhood and he used to draw landscapes and sceneries beautifully. Hence, his parents too supported him when he selected architecture course.

Although he passed with high marks, he faced many difficulties in getting a good job. There were many constraints for him as he belonged to an ordinary middle-class family with not much influence in the society. Hence, he had to be satisfied with what he got. He worked with a senior architect for a meager sum. Besides, there were no chances of exhibiting his talent. Even then he had to work for about three years there due to his financial issues.

One day, he met one of his college mates, Praveen after a long time. He was working as a web developer in a company and was planning to start his own company. It was Praveen who motivated Vijay to work as an independent architect. However, Vijay was reluctant initially as he was not financially sound to be independent. Then Praveen suggested taking a shared office for rent. He suggested that it will be beneficial for both as they can share the rent and utility charges. Besides, the business centres are offering fully furnished coworking spaces so that they will not have to invest large amounts initially.

It sounded good for Vijay and both of them started their work independently from a single shared office.

“Usually in the business centre, there will be many offices belonging to different individuals and organizations. This may help you to get new references and leads which will help you to build your business. Actually, I got the first offer as an independent architect through a friend who had an office just beside our office in the business centre.” Vijay continued.

It was a humble beginning and Vijay started his growth from that shared office. Along with his talent, luck also helped him a lot. At present, he is one of the leading architects in the city and has earned wealth and fame.

“Had there been no offer of shared office space for rent by the business centre, still I would have been working in some companies,” Vijay concluded his story.