Enjoy the Advantages of Having an Office in Madhapur

At a time when Hyderabad is all set to become one of the major business destinations in India, many business establishments are expanding their area of operations to Hyderabad. Hyderabad has very good infrastructure and policies of the state government are highly supportive of the business community. The presence of many big names in different sectors and the presence of major public sector industries are added advantages of the city.

Shared Office in Madhapur For Startups

Madhapur has become the cynosure of Hyderabad in terms of business activities. Although it is quite far from the traditional business hubs in the city, Madhapur experienced a sudden growth during the IT revolution in the late 1990’s. Many IT companies established their campuses here making Hyderabad one of the major IT hubs in India.

With the arrival of many national and international giants in the IT sector, the locality turned into a busy area. Construction activities went on in full swing and soon it became an urban residential area. This brought in many businesses to Madhapur and also facilities including good hospitals, educational institutions etc too.

When Madhapur became a vibrant area, many businesses other than IT also started establishing their presence here. At present, you can see many big companies in Biotechnology, finance, real estate etc in Madhapur. In short, a Madhapur address itself is sufficient to enhance the brand value of the business.

However, Madhapur remained unaffordable for medium and small businesses till the entry of business centres offering shared office in Madhapur. Business centres, which are basically into providing infrastructure for business started occupying large buildings or group of buildings and divide them into many smaller offices. Right from a table to work on a common workstation to small cubicles with a sitting capacity of one or two persons to full-fledged offices with well-defined workstation, executive cabins, lobby, and reception comes under the category of shared offices. This gives the freedom to the clients to select the suitable office premises based on their actual needs and budget.

These shared offices in Madhapur are well furnished and with all modern facilities and amenities. Hence, the clients need not spend more money in the initial stages to set up an office as they are hiring the facilities along with the office for a monthly rent. Since the office space and utilities are shared by the occupants, the rent and the utility charges will also be shared. In other words, medium and small industries can have offices in this prestigious locality for a lower price and enjoy all the benefits of having a prestigious office address.

Besides, the maintenance of the office and its premises also will be taken care by the business centre. Hence, the occupants can concentrate more on business without wasting their time on maintenance.

Why Should You Go with Shared Office Space in Hyderabad

Hyderabad has emerged as one of the fastest growing cities in the world and the economy is highly vibrant now. This is attracting many entrepreneurs to Hyderabad. Many established business houses outside the city are extending their area of business to this city and many startups are coming up.

At this juncture, shared office space in Hyderabad, offered by many business centres are gaining popularity. Shared office space was not so popular about a year back. It earned enormous acceptance in the recent past due to many reasons.

  • Most of the business centres offering shared office space for rent in Hyderabad are located in prime locations like Madhapur and Hitech City. Hence, the occupants can enjoy the advantages of having a prestigious postal address.
  • Business centres offering shared office for rent in Madhapur or in any other localities are offering fully furnished offices. Hence, the occupants do not have to spend money initially for setting up the office.
  • As the rent and other utility charges are shared among the occupants, the running costs will also be less. In total if you go with a shared office space,  the risk of business will be lesser and so also the tension.
  • Business centres offering shared office space for rent in Hitech City or in other areas are taking care of the regular maintenance of the office and its premises. They will take care of necessary repairs also. Hence, you do not have to break your head on office maintenance but can use that time creatively for the development of your business.
  • Value added business services are offered by many business centres offering shared office space for rent in Hyderabad. These services, including the one to get mandatory registrations from different government departments, can be availed for a lesser price.
  • As each business centre will have plenty offices inside it, you are entering into a large business community by hiring a shared office space. The chances are more for you to get new contacts and leads which will, in turn, help you to improve your business further.

All these attractive features increased the acceptance of shared offices. The only disadvantage is the lack of privacy. However, business centres are offering professional meetings rooms for conducting highly confidential business meetings. Hence, the question of privacy will not arise or it cannot be stated as a disadvantage.

Know the Shared Office Facilities Provided by Business Centres

The shared office is a new concept introduced to the conservative Indian business community after globalization and the arrival of multinational companies to India. Till then, privacy was considered more important for any business and the involvement of outsiders a taboo.

However, the shared office concept imported from the western hemisphere proved this assumption to be a false one. Even when you are sharing an office with others, you can enjoy privacy to a greater extent and at the same time, you can share many facilities for improving your business. At present, this concept is receiving wide acceptance across the country and business centres that are into providing infrastructure for business are offering shared office space in almost all major cities of India.

Advantages of Shared Offices or Shared Office Facilities

  • In a shared office, you share the office space and other facilities with one or more individuals or establishments. In other words, you share the rent and utility charges such as electricity charges, internet charges etc with others and hence you can run the business for a lesser cost.
  • Business centres offering shared office facilities will offer the assistance of professionals such as receptionists, telephone operators, office boys etc too. Hence, the manpower is considerably reduced and thus the overhead expenditures are reduced too.
  • When you share an office with others, you are forming an unofficial business tie up with others where you can share the details of clients and customers. This will certainly help you to get more leads and references which will help you to improve your business.
  • Business centres offering shared office space for rent offer value-added business services also which can be utilized by you to develop your business.
  • All necessary facilities such as photocopiers, printers, courier services, cafeteria etc will be available on the premises so that you do need not run here and there for them.
  • Business centres provide excellent mail handling services which will help you a lot.
  • Usually, the business centres offering shared office space for rent will be located in prestigious locations in any city and hence you can enjoy all the benefits of having a prestigious postal address for a lower price.

All these attractive features play an important role in making the shared office concept a widely accepted one. This concept is recommended for small businesses and startups as it will help them to run the show for a lesser running cost. The shared office is the best option for medium scale industries also when they plan for a branch office.