Advantages of Shared Desk Space

Shared desk space is comparatively a new concept in India. In this concept, an office space will be shared by two or more individuals or business establishments. It is also known as shared office space or co-working space. This concept has many advantages and hence it is gaining popularity.

In the initial stages, individuals or establishments organized themselves to create shared offices or shared desk space. When more and more people started preferring it, business centres, which are basically into providing infrastructure for business started offering shared desk space for rent to startups and small businesses. Now, let us go through the advantages of shared desk space.

  • Shared desk space allows individuals and establishments to start offices for a lesser initial investment and run the business with lesser overhead expenditure.
  • Most of the business centres that come up with advertisements such as rent a desk for freelancers, are situated in prime locations in the cities and hence small businesses and startups can enjoy the benefits of having prestigious postal addresses for a lesser price.
  • Regular maintenance of the office and its premises will be taken care of by the business centre and hence the clients can concentrate more on their business without breaking their head over maintenance or repairs.
  • The business centres offering shared desk space for rent will have many other offices in the same premise. Thus you can have a membership in a vast business community by hiring a shared desk space in any of the business centres in your city. This will help you to get more contacts, referrals and leads which will certainly help you to improve your business.
  • Besides, by interacting with other community members, you will get a clear idea about the current market trends which can help you to design foolproof strategies.

These advantages have made shared desk space a widely accepted concept. Although it has some negative points such as lack of privacy, they all can be disregarded when compared with the advantages.

Now you can see many business centres in almost all major cities in India offering shared desk space for rent to startups and small businesses. The flexible terms and conditions and the low rent really come as blessings to such organisations. Many medium scale organizations are also going with shared office space when they need a second office in the same city.